Who among us hasn’t dreamed about a perfect relationship? What if our relationship is constantly changing and confusing? How can we deal with the heartbreak and loss that relationships can bring? What if there is no evidence that we are attracting intimate relationships? Many people consider the working dynamics of healthy relationships one of the most fascinating mysteries in life. This is a mystery that each person seeks to uncover from the moment they realize there are more than one of them. Interpersonal interactions, which we all engage in every day, every minute of our lives, can sometimes seem so difficult, confusing, difficult and mysterious.

The quality of our relationships with others is directly related to the quality of our own relationships. Are we aware of who we are and what we love about ourselves? Are we sure that we are worthy of unconditional love? We may be able to imagine how someone would love us. But, are we able to love ourselves as we are? Are we able to trust and accept every part of ourselves? Most of us want to be loved and accepted as we really are.

We can attract someone more like us if we shift our inner gender or male/female template to one of balance and self-acceptance. Even if our inner masculine reflection is balanced, if our feminine side is not accepted, it would be difficult to build a balanced relationship. Many people don’t think about the fact that our partners are able to reflect parts of us back to them. If we are a woman, we have a place to go that allows us to better understand our feminine side. If we are male, our partner holds a place for you to understand the masculine side of yourself.

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It is the task of every relationship to discover ourselves and to understand ourselves to be our true selves. Only the relationship with ourselves is true. Every interaction, regardless of how real or fake, is a reflection of our true self. We will always attract people who remind us what and who are we not as long as we don’t want to be our natural balanced selves. Refusing to be who we are can lead to relationships that are not fulfilling or require a lot of work. When we are fully and totally who we are, relationships will reflect the best of our creative selves. It’s the old saying: What you put out is what you get back.

Many people feel that they are only half complete. We attract a relationship that is not complete if we project half of ourselves and look for someone to complete us. This will often result in a relationship that is not what we desire. If we approach any interaction with the view that we need the relationship complete, it will result in the relationship reflecting and reminding us of our incompatibility. We will end up with a partnership that is only half-hearted and not satisfying for either of us. We can create a vibration that attracts people with the same qualities and confidence when we recognize we are a complete relationship within ourselves. People often make long lists of all the qualities they want in a partner.

No matter what our list may contain, we always attract what we believe we can attract. The most fundamental question in any relationship is the first: What do I get from it? What are the benefits of a relationship? What did we learn about ourself by being in this relationship? We attract people to us that allow us to serve and accelerate our learning. This can be done with grace, love and joy or through the school for hard knocks. We have the freedom to choose.



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